XPM Global launched international operations in 1991, providing Geological Consulting, contract Project Management, Outsourced Exploration, Operations, and Administration services to the mining and mineral exploration industry. Generally operating as Sedex, we started in Venezuela, followed soon after in Brazil, Suriname, Guyana, and Peru, and later expanded to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico and most of the rest of the America’s.

In response to client’s needs, we expanded our services to include Project Generation, M&A due diligence, Community Relations, logistics, supply chain development and procurement, expediting, import / export, recruitment, and related Management Consulting services.

Working in select countries in the Americas and Africa, our mineral exploration division offers Geological Consulting, Exploration Project & Program Management, Drill Program management, and full service Turnkey startups for clients seeking to open international offices.


With 30 years international experience, our focus is on gold, copper, diamonds and base metals in cordillera and greenstone regions, with special emphasis in humid tropical laterite / saprolite weathering environments, such as those found in the Guiana Shield, Brazil, Africa and parts of Central America and Mexico.



XPM geologists participated in extensive systematic research that occurred over 25 years and was based on the analytical results and geologic data from several hundred thousand samples. The research examined the effects of sampling techniques, ion mobility, leaching, secondary enrichment among other factors, and compared various common analytical methods to determine the most effective in each case. The result is a robust and proven effective methodology optimized for humid tropical environments.

We tailor this methodology for each project to quickly explore and evaluate large areas, usually for a fraction of the cost and time required for the traditional generic approach. The optimized approach accurately identifies and then constrains anomalies, and does so with significantly fewer samples, leading to sharply reduced lab costs, eliminates wasted resources chasing false anomalies, and dramatically reduces the risk of missing a significant mineral deposit.


Many of the lessons learned during the 1990’s were lost during the downturn after 2000 when industry abandoned tropical exploration, and all too often we still see examples of exploration projects applying generic, dogmatic sampling and analytical methods developed for northern climates that were proven ineffective by 1995, invariably wasting huge amounts of money, and often spending months chasing false anomalies.

Don’t reinvent the wheel: XPM geologists and project managers are available to transfer the lessons learned and knowledge base to your technical and operations staff. Contact us to arrange an evaluation of your project, and how we can assist.


In 1993 we introduced the man portable Trado drills to mineral exploration in Venezuela, later expanding to 5 other countries. The Trado drills quickly obtain high quality samples to 10m depth (can go deeper but slower), usually without the need for permits, and with almost zero environmental impact. Suitable for local as well as regional programs, Trado sampling operates from walking trails, offering a low cost option to quickly identify and define anomalies, map lithologies and structures, and provide accurate information on which to plan subsequent phases of work.

We have continued to develop the Trado technology and applications to rapidly and accurately identify protolith, alteration, mineralization, lithologic contacts, structures, textures and most importantly the leaching / secondary enrichment conditions in the laterite / saprolite profile that are key to interpreting the analytical results, and also to establish what type of analysis would be most effective in each location.



Using industry best practices we manage projects across cultures, languages, legal systems, and comply with local regulations. XPM’s approach has proven track record of effectively integrating the requirements of the foreign investor with local resources and stakeholders, reducing potential conflicts, and ensures tight control to reduce opportunities for fraud, theft and corruption.

XPM offers a full suite of support services including import / export, supply chain development, contract negotiations, land use and access agreements, recruitment and training, and outsourced labor and administration as required.


We work with Qualified Persons with the specific expertise for each project, and with extensive experience in each type of deposit. In most cases we can match QP with the appropriate language for the project area, helping ensure that all information is evaluated in context and included in the report.

M&A and technical Due Diligence services are available, that can be combined with legal (contracts, land title, JV etc) and accounting evaluations to provide a comprehensive examination of the project.


XPM undertakes research and opportunity identification for potential mineral deposits, and we continuously evaluate country operating conditions to maintain a current list of viable candidate projects. This list changes constantly based on metals prices, social / political conflict, political and regulatory change, and financial market drivers. Tell us what you are looking for, your tolerance for risk, budget and timeline, and we will match it with opportunities.

Once a project has been acquired, XPM taps into the knowledge base held by the local residents by building strong local stakeholder support, then asking the right people the right questions. These methods are proven to reduce costs and time related to target assessment and regional evaluation, often by well over 50%, and follow up, optimized exploration programs can be executed rapidly by small, low profile teams.


XPM works with expert geologists and engineers to plan and operate Diamond, RC, and RAB drilling programs, and can provide any level of service from contract professional staff, to turnkey Project / Program Management that may include full logistical and administration support. Auger drilling in laterite / saprolite, or in alluvial deposits for gold, diamonds and other minerals are also supported.

Additional services in oversight, contract compliance, due diligence and technical audits, QA/QC design and audits, sampling and analytical orientation surveys, logging and re-sampling, and site surveying are available.



With well over one hundred successful land access and community agreements with Campesinos, Ejidos, Indigenous, Garimpieros, Small Land Holders, and Artisanal Miner communities in Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, Brazil and Peru we have a well established history of completing and managing lasting agreements, quickly and without conflict.

We focus on early stage negotiations, where land access, permitting agreements, stakeholder buy in, and community development projects are key drivers. For advanced projects that are seeking exploitation or production agreements, we refer the file to others who will complete the advanced social economic impact assessments.


We provide turn-key start up services for clients wishing to establish local subsidiaries, materials / minerals processing, fabrication, geological / engineering support offices, Project Management Offices and other facilities needed operate and / or manage local initiatives.

Services include location identification and qualification, office rental, facilitation of corporate registry, recruitment, staffing, and training among others. We also offer interim administration, and outsourced or otherwise contracted operations management to assist in making a smooth and affordable transition to new countries.


XPM has provided recruitment and outsourced local labor supply services since 1992. Recruitment can be as simple as preparing a list of qualified candidates, or as complex as providing turn-key capacity development and specialized training to meet specific client requirements.

For clients who seek to limit liability, reduce administration costs or just operate with the minimum of overhead, we offer outsourced labor contracting that supplies the right personnel for only as long as they are required. We pay competitive salaries and comply with labor and tax regulations, including insurance, social security etc. Depending on the country (regulations vary) XPM can provide outsourced day to day operational management in addition to 3rd party labor supply.


Designing, building and operating efficient and effective exploration camps from Yukon to Brazil, and specialized work camps in Afghanistan and N. Africa we excel at finding the right solution for small grassroots temporary camps to long term large scale camps in challenging conditions. We work closely with local stakeholders and qualified local contractors and comply to regulatory requirements.

  • Camp building design, construction +/- operations as required
  • Permitting: facilitation and coordination with local experts
  • Civil works including road and bridge permitting and construction, airstrips for light and medium weight aircraft, heliports, and landing docks for small / medium river shipping
  • Communications infrastructure based on satellite links, long distance wifi, digital / analogue VHF radio solutions
  • Potable Water Systems: filtration, sterilization, and where required reverse osmosis, arsenic and fluorine removal
  • Waste water treatment, including innovative application of industrial scale portable treatment plants