First operating in Canada, XPM Global launched international operations in Venezuela (1991) operating as Sedex SA, providing Geological Consulting, contract Project Management, Outsourced Exploration, Operations, and Administration services to the mining and mineral exploration industry.

In response to client requests, we expanded our services to include Project Generation, M&A due diligence, Community Relations, logistics, supply chain development and procurement, expediting, import / export, recruitment, and full Project Management Office support.

Working in select countries in the Americas and Africa, we offer a full service Mineral Exploration including Project & Program Management, Drill Program management, Project Generation, Camp Construction / Operations, and full service Turnkey startups for suppliers and contractors seeking to open international offices.


Our methods were developed, proven and perfected on over 100  projects throughout the Americas


A full service geological and mineral exploration consulting and contracting group, our partners and associates began international operations in 1991, and were on the ground floor providing consulting and contracting services during the biggest globalization event in history,  first acquiring then applying the lessons learned on projects throughout the Americas, and select areas of Africa, MENA and S. Asia.


XPM works with mineral exploration companies, related contractors, suppliers and consultants to identify opportunities, and then build a comprehensive support and operations network.

Services include: Project / Program Management, Training and Capacity Development, Turnkey Startup & Operations, Outsourced / Offshored Offices, Project Generation, Technical Audits and Due Diligence, Community / Social Relations, Recruitment among others.


With first hand experience in over 25 countries, from Afghanistan to Zambia, our focus is on select regions in Canada and Latin America that offer the highest potential with lowest risk, and operate through our network of subsidiaries, associates, and strategic partners.

Wherever  we work we have the proven track record in establishing a strong, reliable and flexible support infrastructure capable of executing any exploration project.


Recent changes have created attractive opportunities to acquire highly prospective ground in the following countries:

Long considered “orphans”, little attention has been paid to developing effective exploration models and in many environments, critical minerals do not respond well to traditional methods. XPM Global utilizes optimized exploration methods for each type of mineral sought, and adapted for use in deserts to humid tropical jungles with thick laterite / saprolite weathering.


Brazil, with well over 5000 known pegmatites along the East Pegmatite Province, is rapidly developing into a world class destination for lithium exploration.  We have been executing fast, affordable and effective exploration in Brazil since 1995. The application of new technology and innovative methods allows lithium exploration to be undertaken up to 75% faster than for gold with corresponding cost reductions.

Ionic Clay REE

Ionic Clay deposits in China have been the leading source of REE for decades. Recent exploration, supported by published research has identified significant areas in Brazil and Africa as hosting REE +/- significant Li, Rb, Cs and these hold promise to be major new suppliers. We have been working in ionic clay environments in the Guiana and Brazilian Shields since 1991, and have the expertise to assist clients in all exploration activities.


World markets are dynamic, with constantly changing opportunity, risk and threats. What was an excellent opportunity 12 months ago may now be closed, or what had been closed for decades suddenly opens. We constantly monitor and track change, assess risk and threats, and are ready to act on opportunities, and respond to challenges as they occur.


Exploration projects need to import consultants and contractors, and procure goods and services in the local and international markets.

With over 30 years in helping dozens of firms navigate the complexities of international business, and with literally thousands of importations under our belt, we have the expertise to ensure that whatever resource your project needs gets there on time.


Maintaining a strong network of qualified associates in each market we operate in means  local expertise is always available to provide market and geo-political intelligence, how to operate most effectively in each area, and tap the available knowledge base in real time.