The greatest Globalization event in recent history was likely the Canadian Junior Mining industry expansion from about a dozen firms operating in a few foreign countries in 1990, to over 2300 firms active in over 140 countries in just 5 years.

XPM was an enthusiastic participant in this expansion, and assisted dozens of firms set up in new markets, hire staff and start up operations. Many of these firms entered new markets / countries every 8 to 12 months, and have continued to do so for decades.

The common denominator is that they registered Foreign Affiliate / Subsidiaries that provided facilitated access, reduced risk and liability and often for less cost that the legal fees to write a cross border contract.

Then, with that infrastructure they created Global Value Chains (GVC), becoming integrated with local supply chains and began to Offshore office functions. By 2000, the vast majority had transitioned to Global Capacity Centers (GCC) that operated as semi-independent subsidiaries, and frequently became more successful than their parent company as international markets grew, and the Canadian markets stagnated for over a decade.

It turns out that almost all other successful exporters since the mid 1990’s, regardless of sector, industry, market or country of origin have used these same, proven, low risk, rapid entry methods.

These are not secret, nor some proprietary Black Box approach, and while many countries actively promote and teach them, for whatever reason Canadian trade resources do not.

We have developed an approach to quickly transfer this knowledge and build capacity, so that you can quickly, identify, qualify and enter new markets and operate with the same level of confidence as at home.

Fast tracking the process, XPM will work to become established in new markets, at the same time as developing capacity, eliminating delays and a getting you to Break Even and ROI sooner.

Our Dedicated Services


XPM conducts continuous research on trends and changes that affect trade. Conflicts, trade restrictions, local content regulations, currency controls, taxation, geopolitical changes including bilateral / multilateral trade agreements, immigration and general issues that may impact markets. This knowledge provides a consistent baseline for export markets planning.

A few of our services dedicated to SME clients:

1. New Exporter Growth: Kickstart your international journey with custom tailored solutions that match your resources, strategy and schedule.

2. Supply Chain Resilience: Develop a robust and resilient supply chain that will provide the assurance and confidence you need to bid on any contract.

3. Regional Supply Chain Integration: Seamlessly integrate into regional supply and value chains, proven to sharply increase revenue and lower risk.

4. Project Management: Our experts can navigate the complexities of international projects, on time, on budget.

5. Market Analyses: Make informed decisions with our in-depth market analyses, developed by in-country subject matter experts, to ensure you make informed decisions and drive strategic growth.

6. Turnkey Startup: From inception to implementation, we offer turnkey solutions for a fast, effective startup experience.

7. Near Shoring: Optimize your operations by strategically positioning your business close to key markets.

8. Offshoring / Global Value Chain / Global Capacity Centers: Up to 70% cost reductions on key technical staff. Access hard to source talent often at much lower costs and confer a compelling competitive advantage in your domestic market.


The cost of entering many international markets is often comparable to attending a couple of trade shows, or in some cases about 1/3 to 1/2 the annual salary of an average engineer. Some countries present greater challenges than others, however 30 years of experience has shown that agile, well prepared companies can always execute effective and affordable entry strategies.

The most successful exports all follow the same cost-effective, results-driven solutions.

Learning how to replicate these methods is just simple discipline and planning.

Canada is an exporting powerhouse

Canadian exporters are world leaders in local supply / value chain integration. Since mid 1990’s the vast majority of export sales are to local supply chains via Global Value Chains (GVC) and do not originate in Canada.

In fact, less than 5% of SME output is actually exported from Canada, but many SME are very successful via GVC’s.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – replicate what works.